Hershey’s Ice Cream At Lolita’s Parlour

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We serve premium Hershey's ice cream!

1147 Powder Springs St SW
Marietta, GA 30064



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Our American Dream

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 Our story goes back in the late 60's when my parents came here from India. My grandfather insisted that my father and mother come to the United States to get an education and for the betterment for the children. Our parents landed in Chicago Illinois where my father finished his Masters Degree in. After a couple of years we then made it to Lansdale, PA (small town) in 1979 which is still our home till this day. As a child we would go to the farm and eat ice cream and go milk the cows and go for haystack rides. Those were the best times as we got to enjoy each others company. In 1997 I moved down to Georgia where life was definitely different for me.

     During 2007 I was transitioning from selling my store to finishing up my MBA. In between classes I had the privileged to work for my extended family who owned a   Haagen Dazs. On break one day I sat down across from the store and observed all the smiles that would come from the process of ordering ice cream. The children had big smiles and it brought me back to a certain place when I was young. That is when Lolita's Parlour was created. From there it took some time to find a brand, location and creating the final vision. Being first generation in American and seeing how hard my family worked to make a better future for us I wanted to share how important 4th of July was to us. Pennsylvania is the home for Declaration of Independence (birthday of United States) and the home of the oldest dairies. So let us all be in gratitude for our country!


" Ice cream represents the love consciousness"


Your friend,




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